100% Organic Pet Products

Established in 1991, Woodrose Gardens specializes in healthy, natural pet products that are certified 100% organic by California Certified Organic Farmers.

About Kitty Grass

Do cats really eat it?

Yes! Most of the cats in our experience eat it, many with great enthusiasm, some just an occasional nibble.

Is it just like grass in the yard?

No, lawn grass is coarser which can cause digestive upset. Rosy’s 100% Organic Kitty Grass is a blend of tender young sprouted grains that are more easily digested.

Why do cats like it?

It’s natural for animals, even carnivores, to have greens in their diet.

If my cat eats it, does it mean he’s sick?

Cats will sometimes seek out grass if their stomach is upset, but they also seem to just enjoy having a salad!

Why is it good for them?

Rosy’s Kitty Grass provides a significant amount of fiber which helps keep the digestive tract running efficiently and helps your cat eliminate hairballs. The young sprouted grass also contains many healthy attributes including chlorophyll, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Will it make my cat throw up?

Although cats sometimes throw up anything they eat, Rosy’s 100% Organic Kitty Grass is less irritating than lawn grass.

Can they eat too much?

Some cats get so excited when they have Rosy’s 100% Organic Kitty Grass for the first time or when they get a new pot, that they mow the whole thing down and immediately throw up. We suggest monitoring your cat initially and letting them nibble just a small amount at first. If your kitty has it available routinely, he/she is less likely to overdo it.

How do I feed it?

Most cats will eat it right from the pot, though we’ve heard some cats have trained their human companions to hand feed it to them!

How long does it last?

Rosy’s 100% Organic Kitty Grass should last approximately two weeks if kept watered. You can refrigerate it when your cat is not eating it.

How do I take care of it?

Keep it in a bright but cool spot in your home and water when it looks or feels dry.

Can I plant it in the garden?

Yes, but it will grow taller and coarser as it matures (and may grow out of reach of your pet!). It’s at its best when young and tender.


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