While visiting California several months ago, we picked up one of your toys at a local market to bring home for our cats. Our elderly, sick cat had stopped playing with toys, so we only got one for a young kitten. Well… surprise, surprise – the older cat immediately went crazy over the toy & won’t let the kitten near it! Now, several months later, she still goes to *her* toy to play several times a day & it’s pretty weathered at this point. The kitten will occasionally sneak in some play time with it too when she’s not watching. We’re ordering several now, for them & friends. Thank you for bringing some joy back to a sick, old cat!

We have been buying your toys and catnip for YEARS! The quality of the nip is superior to all others I have tried- and I’ve tried a lot! I have purchased your toys every year for our cats and they enjoy rolling around and chasing them. The fabric patterns are really unique and appealing 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

My cat has licked the blue catnip fish until there is no color left on the fabric! So happy to have gotten a few more at Christmas for him and to have found your site. They totally calm my cat! Thank you!
Linda Lantz

My daughter sends your catnip toys for my small black cat, Darcy.

The original sachet of catnip is still providing pleasure and it is now very soggy and well-chewed at a couple of years old.

Yesterday I received 2 new ones and Darcy is over the moon with her new toy.
Gillian Lee

I should have said that I and my cat Darcy live in the UK.
Gillian Lee